Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th April at SCF 1880

Thank you for a great weekend!

Next year's edition is scheduled for 4 & 5 May 2024, see you there!

Final Results 2023

  U8 U10 U12 U14
1st Mountfield Ricany SC 1880 Black Tatra Smichov I Royal Kituro
2nd SC 1880 Red Mountfield Ricany Mountfield Ricany TSV Handschuhsheim
3rd Heidelberger RK Tatra Smichov I SC 1880 Black SC 1880
4th Tatra Smichov TSV Handschuhsheim London Welsh I Boitsfort RC
5th RK 03 Berlin RC Luxemburg I Royal Kituro Chorca Dhuibhne
6th TSV Handschuhsheim RK 03 Berlin Germania List RC Praga
7th RC Praga RC Praga RC Praga RC Des Deux Vallées
8th SC 1880 Black SC Riedberg TSV Handschuhsheim SG Hessen
9th RK Heusenstamm Berliner SV 92 RC Luxemburg I
10th RC Luxemburg I RU Hohen Neuendorf SC Riedberg
11th SC Riedberg Haagsche RC RK 03 Berlin
12th Eintracht Frankfurt RC Des Deux Vallées I London Welsh II
13th RG Heidelberg Sc 1880 White Boitsfort RC
14th SC Neuenheim Berliner RC SC 1880 White
15th SC 1880 White Tatra Smichov II Tatra Smichov II
16th SC 1880 Blue RG Heidelberg SC 1880 Red
17th RC Luxemburg Heidelberger RK SG Neuenheim/Worms
18th RC Worms RK Heusenstamm RK Heusenstamm
19th SC 1880 Red RC Luxemburg II
20th SC Neuenheim RC Des Deux Vallées
21st RC Luxemburg II
22nd RC Des Deux Vallées II
Frankfurt Football Club was founded in 1880. The only type of sports played was rugby – still referred to back then as rugby football.

As recognition for the high level of play, in 1880 Blackheath Football Club granted Frankfurt Football Club the right to compete in Blackheath’s club colours, Red and Black.
GONDER - the name giver for our youth festival - has promoted the sport of rugby now for over 15 years. Another long-time sponsor is Bäckerei Heidinger.

12. Frankfurter Rugby Jugendfestival